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College of Physicians and Surgeons / Fellowship of the College of Physicians and Surgeons Admission-2023-24 | Bano Doctor is Here to Help You

College of Physicians and Surgeons (CPS) / Fellowship of the College of Physicians and Surgeons (FCPS) Admission

Hello, doctor did not get a seat in MD /MS in India?

Be part of India’s most prestigious medical institution, CPS( College of Physicians and Surgeon Mumbai). Call Bano Doctor to Get admission in CPS/FCPS course and further specialize in medical branches after MBBS. As seats in the MD/MS Course are very less And the budget is too high for low-scoring candidates, most of the doctors choose to Pursue a CPS/ FCPS course. So Take the Leap to Become a Physician /Surgeon with CPS Admission call us(+91 7880109834) to Secure Your Seat Now!

What is CPS/ FCPS?

CPS stands for College of Physicians and Surgeons of Mumbai, which allows diploma & Fellowship courses in post-graduation medical education. This course was established in 1913 and is one of the autonomous educational bodies in India. They offer 3 diplomas, 6 fellowships, and 1 MCPS courses, which are all recognized by the Ministry of Health Science and Family Welfare.

The course duration for the diploma is two years, and the focus of the course is to specialize in medical branches after MBBS. The course is 90% practical and 10% theory. It is an invaluable opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in your field of interest.

Cps / fcps recognization 
state  Authority 
 Maharashtra Maharashtra Medical Council Act 1965.
Gujarat Health & Family Welfare Department, Government of Gujarat under the Gujarat Acts.
Dadra and Nagar Haveli.  
West Bengal  West Bengal Med Council vide Bengal Medical Act 1914.
Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu Med. Council vide TN Medical Act 1914
Punjab Punjab Med. Council vide Punjab Med. Reg. Act 1916
Orissa Orissa Med. Council vide Orissa Medical Registration Act 1961
International  CPS is Recognized by Govt. of Malaysia at par with other university.

Quick Overview College of Physicians and Surgeons (CPS) / Fellowship of the College of Physicians and Surgeons (FCPS)

Name Of The Course CPS
Duration 2 Year
Average Fee structure 8 Lakh
Basic Eligibility NEET PG Eligible
Intake Time Feb-March
Recognize in State Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan
Most Demanding Branch DGO, DCH, DPAT
Exam to Get Enter NEET PG
Official website:
Name Of The Course FCPS
Duration 3 Year
Average Fee structure 21 Lakh
Basic Eligibility NEET PG Eligible
Intake Time JULY-AUG
Recognize in State Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan
Most Demanding Branch Medicine, Surgery
Exam to Enter NEET PG
Official website:

Branch To Study CPS Course In India

DOMS Diploma in Ophthalmic Medicine and Surgery
DGO Diploma in Gynecology and Obstetrics
DCH Diploma in Child Health
DPB Diploma in Pathology and Bacteriology
DDV Diploma in Dermatology and Venereology
DA Diploma in Anaesthesia
DORL Diploma in Oto-Rhino-Laryngology (E.N.T.)
DORTHO Diploma in Orthopaedics
DPM Diploma in Psychological Medicine(Part I & II)
DMRE Diploma in Medical Radiology & Electrology(Part I & II)
TDD Diploma in Tuberculosis Diseases
DFP Diploma in Family Planning
DPH Diploma in Public Health
DTM Diploma in Transfusion Medicine
DTMH Diploma in Tropical Medicine & Health
DGS Diploma in General Surgery

Branch To Study FCPS Course In India

FCPS (MED) FCPS-Medicine
FCPS (MID-GYN) FCPS-Midwifery & Gynaecology (Mid. & Gyn.)
FCPS (OPTHL) FCPS-Ophthalmology
FCPS (CH) FCPS-Child Health
FCPS (DERMT) FCPS-Dermatology and Venereology
FCPS (ORL) FCPS-Oto-Rhino-Laryngology
FCPS (ORTHO) Fcps-orthopedics
FCPS (ANAES) FCPS-Anaesthesiology

As per the CPS Mumbai website recognition of the CPS/FCPS Course

  • CPS Fellowships & Diploma Courses are notified by the Government of Maharashtra vide notification no. MMC/1096/111/96/Act and vide GR Extraordinary 4-B through notification no. PGM.1010/CR-18 (Part 2)/10/EDU-2 and in the Maharashtra Medical Council Act 1965.
  • The government of Gujarat has recognized all the Fellowships and Diplomas of CPS to strengthen the infrastructure of the medical fraternity in the state of Gujarat vide Gujarat Government Gazette no. GP-17-MCG-102011-2213-J dated 14th October 2011 notified by the Health & Family Welfare Department, Government of Gujarat under the Gujarat Acts.
  • CPS courses are recognized in the state of Rajasthan,
  • Union territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli.
  • CPS is registerable since its existence in:
    • i. West Bengal Med Council vide Bengal Medical Act 1914.
    • ii. Tamil Nadu Med. Council vide TN Medical Act 1914 
    • iii. Punjab Med. Council vide Punjab Med. Reg. Act 1916 
    • iv. Orissa Med. Council vide Orissa Medical Registration Act 1961 CPS is Recognized by Govt. of Malaysia at par with other universities.

Documents Required to Get Admission in CPS/FCPS Course 2024-25

  • Original Post holding certificate.
  • Original Appointment order.
  • Original and two sets of self-attested photocopies of the following documents.
  • MBBS or equivalent qualification passing certificate, (recognized by MCI)
  • Internship completion certificate (University and College),
  • Permanent registration certificate of MMC / State Medical Council where the candidate has joined.
  • Any other certificate to prove eligibility such as a result of screening tests for foreign graduates etc.
  • Identity proof viz. State Medical Council ID card / Passport / Adhaar card / Election ID card.
  • For Category candidates
    • a) Caste certificate, if applicable.
    • b) Validity certificate, by the appropriate authority.
    • c) Valid non-creamy layer certificate, if applicable.
    • d) Receipt of the enrollment fees / DD of enrollment fee, if not paid.

Role of Bano Doctor Education Consultant in your CPS/FCPS Admission.

  • To Make You Aware About All Admission Processes.
  • Help In Documentation
  • Pre And Post Admission Assistance
  • Seat Matrix Analysis
  • Time-to-time updates about the Counselling Process through the WhatsApp app & Telegram Channel.
  • Maximize your Chance To Get Desired Branch
  • Choice Filling And Locking According To Previous Year Analysis.
  • Negotiations in Management/Institute Quota Seat To Avail Best Package.
  • Fair & Hassle free Counselling Process.
  • Education Loan Assistance If Required
  • Scholarship Assistance

Fee Structure of CPS/FCPS Course 2023-24 Updated 

I - Diploma courses (Two years) CPS 

List of post-graduate courses and fee structure
Merit Quota Institutional Quota
D02 DGO Diploma in Gynaecology and Obstetrics 1,00,000 /- 6,00,000/- 12,00,000/-
D03 DCH Diploma in Child Health 1,00,000 /- 6,00,000/- 12,00,000/-
D04 DPB Diploma in Pathology and Bacteriology 1,00,000 /- 6,00,000/- 12,00,000/-

FCPS Fee (3 year Course ) 2023-24

Merit Quota Institutional
F01 FCPS(MED) FCPS in Medicine 1,10,000/- 7,00,000/- 21,00,000/-
F02 FCPS(SURG) FCPS in Surgery 1,10,000/- 7,00,000/- 14,00,000/-
F03 FCPS(OBGY) FCPS in Midwifery and Gynaecology 1,10,000/- 7,00,000/- 14,00,000/-
F04 FCPS(OPTHL) FCPS in Ophthalmology 1,10,000/- 7,00,000/- 14,00,000/-
F06 FCPS(DERMT) FCPS in Dermatology 1,10,000/- 7,00,000/- 21,00,000/-
F10 FCPS(PATHO) FCPS in Pathology 1,10,000/- 7,00,000/- 14,00,000/-

Introduction to CPS and FCPS

CPS (Centralized Placement System) and FCPS (First Come First Serve) are two major admission processes in Mumbai, India. These processes play a pivotal role in determining the admission of students into various schools in the city. Understanding the CPS and FCPS admission processes is crucial for parents and students who are seeking admission to Mumbai schools.

CPS is a centralized online admission process implemented by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) to streamline the admission process and ensure transparency. Under the CPS system, parents can apply for multiple schools online, ranking their preferred choices. The final allocation of seats is done through a computerized lottery system, taking into account various criteria like distance, sibling preference, and reservations.

On the other hand, FCPS is an admission process where seats are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Parents need to physically visit the schools to collect and submit admission forms. The admission process in FCPS is simpler compared to CPS, as it does not involve the online application and lottery system. Both CPS and FCPS have their advantages and limitations. The CPS process provides equal opportunities to all applicants, ensuring that seats are allocated fairly through a transparent lottery system. It also allows parents to apply to multiple schools simultaneously, increasing their chances of obtaining admission. However, the CPS process does not guarantee admission to the preferred school, as the allotment is based on various factors, including seat availability and luck.

On the other hand, FCPS offers a more straightforward and hassle-free admission process for parents. It eliminates the uncertainty of waiting for lottery results and allows parents to secure admission to a school of their choice as long as the seats are available. However, the limited number of seats in popular schools often results in long queues and fierce competition among parents in the FCPS process.

In conclusion, CPS and FCPS are two major admission processes in Mumbai that cater to the diverse needs and preferences of parents and students seeking admission to schools. The CPS process emphasizes equal opportunity and transparency, while the FCPS process offers a more straightforward approach. Understanding the pros and cons of both processes can help parents make informed decisions and navigate the admission process more effectively.


Application Process for CPS and FCPS Admission

The application process for CPS (College of Physicians and Surgeons) and FCPS (Fellowship of College of Physicians and Surgeons) admission in Mumbai follows a well-defined procedure. Aspiring medical professionals who wish to pursue advanced medical education and specialization in these prestigious programs must adhere to the following steps:


Exam Format

The CPS and FCPS entrance exam typically consists of multiple choice questions (MCQs) that cover various aspects of the candidate's chosen field of specialization. These MCQs assess the candidates' theoretical knowledge, understanding of concepts, problem-solving skills, and clinical reasoning abilities. The exam is usually conducted in a computer-based format, ensuring accuracy, standardization, and efficient evaluation.

Syllabus Coverage

The syllabus for the CPS and FCPS entrance exams is comprehensive and covers a wide range of topics related to the respective medical disciplines. It includes subjects such as anatomy, physiology, pathology, pharmacology, microbiology, forensic medicine, and clinical medicine, among others. Candidates are expected to have a thorough understanding of these subjects to perform well in the entrance exam.

Preparation Strategies

To excel in the CPS and FCPS entrance exam, a well-structured and disciplined preparation strategy is essential. Here are some effective strategies to consider:

1. Develop a study schedule

Allocate dedicated time for each subject, focusing on high-yield topics and areas that require more attention.

2. Use authentic study material

Refer to recommended textbooks, study guides, and online resources specifically designed for CPS and FCPS entrance exams.

3. Practice mock tests

Solve previous years' question papers and take mock exams to familiarize yourself with the exam pattern and improve time management skills.

4. Join coaching classes

Consider enrolling in coaching classes that provide specialized coaching for CPS and FCPS entrance exams. These classes can provide guidance, study materials, and practice sessions.

5. Stay updated

Keep yourself updated with the latest developments, research, and advancements in your chosen field of specialization by reading medical journals, attending seminars, and staying active in professional forums.

Remember, consistency and perseverance are key to succeeding in the CPS and FCPS entrance exams. By following a well-planned preparation strategy and putting in dedicated effort, aspiring medical professionals can increase their chances of securing admission into these prestigious programs. Important Dates to Remember for CPS and FCPS Admission

When planning for CPS and FCPS admission in Mumbai, it is crucial to keep track of important dates to ensure a smooth and successful application process. Here are the key dates to remember:


Important Dates for Admission 2024 -2025 batch 

To ensure a smooth and successful application process, it is crucial to be well-informed about the important dates related to CPS/FCPS admissions. The application start date, submission deadline, entrance exam dates, and other key dates must be carefully noted and adhered to. Missing these dates could potentially impact your chances of securing admission to the program of your choice. Stay tuned with Bano Doctor by texting on WhatsApp +91 7880109834 or follow our social media channel

Activity Schedule 
Publication Of List Of institutions offering Courses 05-07-2024
Publication Of Provisional Seat Matrix 06-07-2024
Publication Of Information Brochure 08-07-2024
Registration & Choice Filling 09/07/2024-13/07/2024
Allotment  Update soon
Last Date Of Reporting Update soon

Click Here To Download CPS FCPS Recognization Gazzet 2023-24

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CPS/FCPS Seat Matrix Branch Wise 2023-24

Provisional Seat Matrix for CPS Courses, Academic year 2023-24 INSTITUTE-WISE COURSE-WISE SUMMARY (UNAIDED)
1 Seat position is subject to change as per information from State Government/CPS.
Merit IQ Merit IQ Merit IQ Merit IQ Merit IQ Merit IQ Merit IQ Merit IQ Merit IQ
1 Amrit Medical Foundations Nandadeep Hospital, Satara     2 2                         2 2
2 Amrut Bal Rugnalaya & Critical Care Center (in association with Vidyabharti
Shikshan Sanstha), Aurangabad
2 2                             2 2
3 Anand Charitable Trusts Anand Hospital, Vaijapur, Aurangabad 2 2 2 2                         4 4
4 Ankur Superspecility Women's Hospital, Nanded     2 2                         2 2
5 Ashwini Sahakari Rugnalay, Solapur 2 2 2 2     2 2                 6 6
6 Asia Inst. of Hair Transplant, Pune             2 2                 2 2
7 Asian Inst. of Medical Sciences, Dombivli, Dist Thane     1 1                         1 1
8 B.K.L Walawalkar Hospital, Diagnostic and Research Centre, Dervan, Dist-
            1 1         1 1     2 2
9 Bai Jerbai Wadia Hospital for Children, Parel, Mumbai 6 0                             6 0
10 Bakul Parekh Children Hospital & Multispeciality Center, Ghatkopar, Mumbai 2 2                             2 2
11 Bhattad Hospital,Latur 2 2                             2 2
12 Chinmay Institute of Paediatrics, Pune 2 2                             2 2
13 Chirantan Arogya Seva Sansodhan Sanstha & Hospital,Dhule 2 2                             2 2
14 Chirayu Children Hospital, New Panvel, Navi Mumbai 2 2                             2 2
15 CIMET’S Inamdar Multispeciality Hospital, Pune 1 1 2 2                         3 3
16 Datta Meghe Medical College, Hingna,Nagpur 2 2 2 2 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 1 14 14
17 Dr. Hedgewar Hospital, Aurangabad 1 1 1 1 1 1                     3 3
18 Dr. Mohites Amrut Medical Foundation, Panvel 2 2                             2 2
19 Dr. Patankar Medical Foundation, Pune     2 2                         2 2
20 Dr. S.B. Gugale Memorial Hospital & Warad Hospital, Latur     2 2                         2 2
21 Dr.Mahajan’s Skincare Clinic And Samarth Hospital, Satara             2 2                 2 2
22 Dr.Parthsarthi Shukla Med & Res Help Society, Akola 2 2                             2 2
23 G.K. Gujar Memorial Charitable Trust, K.N. Gujar Memorial Hospital , Sub-District Hospital, Karad (PPP Model), Dist. Satara 2 2 2 2                         4 4
24 Getwell Hospital & Res. Inst.,Dhantoli, Nagpur 1 1                             1 1
25 Glow Skin Centre, Nagpur             2 2                 2 2
26 Grant Medical Foundation, Ruby  Hall Clinic, Wanowarie, Pune     1 1         2 2             3 3
27 Grant Medical Foundations Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune 1 1 2 2     2 2 2 2     1 0 1 1 9 8
28 Holy Family Hospital,Bandra, Mumbai 1 1                             1 1
29 Jijamata Hospital,Nanded     1 1                         1 1
30 Jilla IVF Clinics Pvt. Ltd, Aurangabad     2 2                         2 2
31 Jivraj Venichand Shah Charitable Trust, Baramati, Dist.Pune     2 2                         2 2
32 K. B. Haji Bachooali Ophthalmic & ENT Hospital,Parel, Mumbai                         2 2     2 2
33 Kai. Sou.Shantabai Arali Multipeciality Hospital,Jath,Dist-Sangli     2 2                         2 2
34 Kamal Kanti Medical Trust & Navjeen Children Hospital, Pandharpur 3 3                             3 3
35 Kamat Medical Foundation & Research Center, Pune     2 2                         2 2
36 King Edward Memorial (KEM) Hosptial, Pune             2 2 2 2             4 4
37 Kingsway Institute of Health Sciences Pvt Ltd., Nagpur 2 2 1 1                         3 3
38 Lalwani Mother & Child Care, Pune     2 2                         2 2
39 Late Krishnarao Chavan Ch. Trust & Research Centres Clear Skin, Karad,
            2 2                 2 2
40 Masai Medical Foundation,Kolhapur 2 2                             2 2
41 Matru Sewa Sangh, Mahal Maternity Home, Nagpur     2 2                         2 2
42 Medicare Multispeciality Hospital,Pusad,Dist-Yavatmal 1 1 1 1                         2 2
43 Medipoint Hospital, Pune     2 2                         2 2
44 Miraj Medical Centers Wanless Hospital, Miraj 1 0 1 0                         2 0
45 Nagvekar Hospital & Nursing Home,Kankavli     2 2                         2 2
46 Nandadeep Eye Hospital,Sangli                         1 1     1 1
47 Nelson Memorial Children's Hospital Pvt. LTD, Nashik 2 2                             2 2
48 Niramay Hospital & Research Centre,Satara 2 2                             2 2
49 Noble Hospital, Hadapsar,Pune     2 2                     1 1 3 3
50 Orange City Hospital and Research Institute, Nagpur 1 1 1 1                         2 2
51 P.D. Hinduja Hospital & Medical Research Center, Khar, Mumbai     1 1                         1 1
52 Panacea Hospital, Yeola,Nashik     1 1                         1 1
53 Parkar Medical Foundations Hospital, Ratnagiri     2 2                         2 2
54 Patki Research Foundation, Kolhapur     2 2                         2 2
55 Pawana Medical Foundation, Maval, Dist- Pune     1 0                         1 0
56 Pioneer Hospital, Nashik     1 1                         1 1
57 Rising Medicare hospital Khardi, Dist-Pune 1 1 2 2                         3 3
58 S.M.M.Eye Welfare Charitable Trust,Mulund, Mumbai                         1 1     1 1
59 Safalya Nursing Home, Nashik 2 2                             2 2
60 Samarth Children Hospital, Malegaon, Dist- Nashik 2 2                             2 2
61 Sanjeevan Multispeciality Hospital & Research Institute,Yavatmal     1 1         1 1             2 2
62 Sanjeevani Children’s Hospital,Aurangabad 3 3                             3 3
63 Sant Dnyaneshwar Medical Education & Research,Pune 2 2                             2 2
64 Shobha Nursing Home, Solapur     2 2                         2 2
65 Shree Gurudatta Charitable Foundation Seva Hospital, Dhule 2 2 2 2     1 1                 5 5
66 Shri Markandey Solapur Sahakari Rugnalaya,Solapur     2 2                         2 2
67 Shri Seva Charitable Trust's Shri Skin Care Institute, Ichalkarnji, Dist. Kolhapur             2 2                 2 2
68 MAEERS Vishwaraj Hospital,Loni Kalbhor,Dist-
1 1 1 1                       2 2
69 Shri Tatyasaheb Ghatge Charitable Trust Hosptial,Sangli 2 2                             2 2
70 Shripal Children Hospital,Baramati,Dist- Pune 2 2                             2 2
71 Skin And Surgery International, Kothrud,Pune             2 2                 2 2
72 Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh Hospital &
Research Center (PDMC), Amravati
2 2 1 1             2 2         5 5
73 Sou. A.K.M. Med. Ch. Trust & Resh. Center's Maindarkar Balrog Hospital, Mitra
2 2                             2 2
74 Span Paediatric & Neonatal Critical Care, Solapur 2 2                             2 2
75 SSP Care Advanced Pediatric Pvt. Ltd, Nanded 2 2                             2 2
76 Trimurti Bahuuddeshiya Sevabhavi Sanstha, Alok Clinic, New Panvel, Dist.
            2 2                 2 2
77 Uma Charitable Trust & Uma Hospital & Research Centre, Jath,Dist-Sangli     2 2                         2 2
78 Unique Medical Foundation, Pimpri- Chinchwad 2 2                             2 2
79 Vaishnavi Hospital & Endoscopy Centre,Latur     3 3                         3 3
80 Varad Netralaya,Aurangabad